How I Help You Make Your Idea For the World To See

1. It all starts with an idea.

What do you want to say?  You have an idea, a concept or product that’s ready to show to the world and you need somebody to help you get it out there.  That’s where I come in!


2. Brainstorm

We sit down and come up with the different points about your idea that make it so great.  Then we come up with possible approaches and explore how they might work, what they might do, and where they might go.


3. Research and Development

This is where my years of expertise come in.  I (and sometimes you) research the subject, find possible avenues, and explore the feasibility of what could happen and where we could go with your idea.  This is where we find the things that are available to us to help grow your idea.


4. Planning

In the planning stage, we sit down and figure out how much time and effort it will take to fully realize your idea.  Just like the A-team, I love it when a plan comes together.


5. Sketch

Now the fun begins! Up until this point, we’ve only had ideas and concepts.  Now we get to visualize the possibilities.  My sketches come in many forms: storyboards, pencil drawings, photoshop collages, ink sketches and sculptures are only a few of the many forms my sketches take.  These partially realized ideas are not only one of the most important parts of your puzzle, they are the foundation on which we build your final product.


6. Further Development and Collaboration

Now that we have our sketches, we choose what works best.  Then we develop that idea and distill it down into something a little more potent.  At this point your idea should really start to have some kick!


7. Refine

Refinement is where I take the developed idea and add some finishing touches and embellishments. This allows me to execute your idea in the best way possible.


8. Execution (Making Magic!)

This stage is where I breathe life into your fully developed idea and it becomes a product.


9. Polish

We’re almost there!  Just like a great pair of shoes, every project needs a little bit of adjusting and polishing before it’s ready to go out on the town.  This stage is the difference between good and great.


10. Delivery

You’ve watched your idea grow from sketches into a full-fledged product, ready for the world to see.  No matter what format is required for final delivery, I’m sure you’re going to love what you hear, see or experience!